StarSeeds came down to bring Unalome

A collaboration with
Ioa Salden
Lucas Dewulf
Robert De Farias


Indistinguishable Rooots 

Aunty Fernanda
- Video below -
(Video was selected for Porn Film Festival in Vienna)

A Touching Story

My muse Gabriela

Afrodisiacum-energy Ritual

StarSeeds Guestbook: A selection of reactions from visitors 
"I did not expect to feel at home somewhere today. Thank you Neoza. xxx"

"StarSeeds came down to Bring Unalome feels like a warm, soothing bath that activates all the senses and makes us live in your magical-realistic universe. It's intimate and sensual, and also very connecting, something we sometimes risk losing today. Hopefully we'll be hearing a lot more from you! Better yet, I'm sure we'll be hearing a lot more from you! Warm regards!"
Sofie Crabbé

"What a generous, warm hug this room is! I come out happy again."
Nienke, 01-07-21

"Hello, my name is Lily and I'm 9 years old. I felt weird in there with all that nude but it's natural and we were born that way, so yeah."
Lilly, 9 years old

"At first I didn't know what was happening to me. Then I saw you and I became happy. After that, very quiet for a while. Thank you for this colourful rollercoaster. How beautiful life is. Congratulations and lots of success for the future. Big hug. "

"Neoza, dear Neoza: we both know very well that magic exists."

"Dear Neoza. Your installation stimulates and speaks to imagination. You have started an investigation which you can continue for a full artist's life. Therefore I am very curious about the future paths you will follow. Good luck."

"In you, I met one the most inspirational person I knew. Your passion, dedication are just life's examples. Thanks for sharing that with the world. It personally makes it more liveable. Great work!"

"Dear Neoza, I want to thank you for the colourful poetic experience and inspiration. Very moving and phenomenal, provocative in a lovingly and respectful way. I hope te see much more of your work in the future. Greetings."

Dearest Neoza
I dare to say that I already got to know a few artists. Artists are characterized by their mission that they have given themselves through their experiences. What surprises me time and again about you is how clear your mission is for yourself, and with what efficiency you send it into the world. Sometimes you seem to show a certain naivety, I then want to discuss this with you to try to teach you something new. This exhibition shows that this naivity is not naivity, but hope, love and wonder. As they do in the military: I salute you Neoza. I will gladly follow your Jesus image. Big kiss."
Aiko Janssens

"Makes me go looking for my own Higher Self! Thank you."

"Standing still.... feet on the ground... Back to the origin, undisguised. Magnificent. Soothing..."

Photo Dump
The video "Aunty Fernanda" was selected for Porn Film Festival in Vienna: 
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