In my art practice I merge spiritual elements with present-day themes such as sex positivity, body diversity, multiculturalism and gender neutrality. I investigate how the fusion of spirituality and art can be used to evoke psychological healing and transformation. For example in Tantra you get techniques for self-development that allow you to naturally reconnect with your own body and with your primal animal instincts. It teaches you to think less and feel more. I have seen with my own eyes how its input can tremendously transform a person's life. It's a tool that cures depression, lack of self-confidence, anxiety and ignorance. As a result, I have an incredible urge to spread this innovatively working with photo, video, VR, installation, colour therapy and interactive performance. 
I believe my art touches relevant social themes that are presented in a clear and playful way that appeals to both young and old.  Few people have proper knowledge about true spirituality and Tantra. Combining it with art makes it more accessible and can then for some people be the start of a new way of perceiving. In my installations I want to make the participants feel safe as well as challenge them to expand their consciousness.
- Bachelor photography, School of Arts KASK Ghent
- Master photography, School of Arts KASK Ghent
- Gabriela
- The Rise of a Peculiar Flower with Wicked Roots
- The Boring Artist Convention,  27/06/19 - 30/06/19, Gent Belgium
- Lens op de Mens, 06/07/19 - 31/08/19, Neerpelt Belgium
- Selected for Canon student programme at Visa Pour L'image 01/09/19 - 03/09/19, Perpignan France
- Photo TWENS,  05/09/19 - 22/09/19, Leuven Belgium
- Out of Office , 17/08/19 - 29/09/19, Antwerpen Belgium (won second price for best photo)
- Artistiek Café, 02/11/19, Gent Belgium
- Opus One, 05/12/19 - 21/12/19, Leuven Belgium
- Fotonale Brugge, 18/12/19 - 12/01/20, Brugge Belgium 
- Parcours #5 / About Gender, 15/02/20, Brussel Belgium

- Auditory Catharsis & Nooit Meer Naar Huis In De Ruimte, 25/03/20, Ghent Belgium
- The Female Gaze, May-June 2020, A one-time only print sale by over 50 photographers (BE & NL) in support of other women during the COVID-19 crisis.
- Do it, 08/01/21 - 12/01/21, Ghent Belgium

- Graduation  KASK, 01/07/21 - 04/07/21, Ghent Belgium
- Kunstenfestival Damme, 26/09/21 - 12/12/21, Damme Belgium
- Tatjana Pieters Gallery, 29/01/22 - 06/03/22, Ghent Belgium