This is the fictive story about the life of a lesbian escort. In our society the sex world isn't made for lesbian woman. There are plenty of options for straight men, straight women and gay men. But not for lesbians. In this project I've been able to prove previous objectives.

First of all, there are almost no prostitutes who want to serve women, and there are certainly no prostitutes who exclusively serve women (with exception Liz, the escort in my story). 
A second example is free sex. As a straight human or gay man I know plenty of places to find people who want to do one night stands. As a lesbian woman it's quite hard to find places like that. In Belgium there are more than ten saunas for gay men, for lesbians not one. On posters from gay events mostly men are shown.  And finally there is no porn for lesbians. I know it sounds weird because lesbians are a very popular subject in the porn industry. But the lesbians in these movies are not credible and realistic. They have long nails, suck dildo's, do trios with men, etc. The videos are made by men and for men. Although the last two years there is something new coming namely 'Women friendly porn'. This brings porn to a whole new level. It's not as brutally filmed like most porn. It's subtle, gentle, sometimes really romantic, more realistic, etc. I don't know about you but I'm already a fan.
For my fictive story I used the internet as a medium. I've made a website/blog about the lesbian escort. She advertises herself and shows what she does in her daily life. Unlike what would happen in reality, she does have a lot of clients. She is happy because she can do what she likes most: treat women as queens.